Nominated by Dina Saadeh, Managing Director:
Adil is an outstanding addition to any team. His work ethic is exceptional, consistently delivering high-quality work. His creativity in both his art direction and content work brings a unique and fresh perspective to projects. Adil’s dedication, team player mentality, and willingness to go above and beyond were at the heart of why he transitioned from freelancer to full-time employee. It’s a pleasure to work with such a talented and committed professional. I am excited about the potential of what we can achieve together.

Career highlights

I am a professional art director who expertise in graphic designing, video editing, music producing and content creation. I earned my bachelor’s  degree in Mechanical Engineering but always had my heart in arts and design which led me into this career path. I have handled designs for clients such as Dell, Vmware, Investopia, Vestel, SIACI Insurance, Anker etc.. I also have designed illustrations for an automotive accessories company based in UAE in the early stages of my career.

Guiding principles

I believe completely learning any skill is a myth and there is always room for growth. The world never stops rotating and the trend is always changing and instead of us criticising the change I believe we should have an open mindset, observe and adapt to survive.

Side hustle

Music is my escape from reality. I write and produce music in the weekends as a side hustle. I belong to a music band called ZAFAR and we have a Youtube channel with over 130K subscribers. Our top grossing record is called ‘Kasrock’ which has crossed over 5 million views and was trending at the time of release.