Dina Saadeh, General Manager, Blue Barracuda: Mira joined less than one year ago, and the positive impact she’s made on the team is still being felt. She was able to take the strategic thinking of a number of our brands to the next level and has exceeded client expectations in her role; positioning herself as a value-add to the client and their extended team. She has also championed the Blue Barracuda brand. Mira has far exceeded expectations across the board. She is a rising star whose shine will not dim.

Career highlights

Communication-skilled, on a constant lookout for trends. I come up with marketing strategies, content and creative solutions tailored to clients(who I call partners). Experience gained within global marketing agencies, freelance projects and volunteering clubs.Strong social media, branding, marketing, event planning and management experience gained through personal and professional initiatives.Taken a bold decision in 2017 to shift careers from engineering to marketing in order to pursue my passion in communications and ultimately become an expert in my field. Fast-forward to today, turned out it was the best professional decision I could possibly take. I’m doing what I love, and I love what I’m doing.

Guiding principles

-Think big,dream big

-Always work with integrity, kindness & honesty

-Take Risks

-Go above & beyond

-Take personal responsibility

-Respect everyone, and treat everyone with dignity

-Collaborate and trust the team I’m working with

-Commit to quality & excellence

-Strive for innovation

-Strive for the best

-Learn & Improve

Side hustle

In 2019, I co-founded the first Asian food truck called Wok Bar in my hometown. I managed the branding and marketing material(logo, menu, packaging, photoshoots, social media, influencers, boosting). I maintained SM growth, and ensured awareness, reach, sales increase and brand recognition. Through hard work, Wok Bar withstood tough economic times and the global pandemic. Today, it is still operating with exceptional standards of quality and taste.