Nominated by Dina Saadeh, Managing Director:

Reem has been an invaluable member of our team since she joined us. Over the past 1.8 years, Reem has gone above and beyond to prove that she is a shining star of our agency. Reem’s exceptional work ethic, drive, and commitment to excellence have been evident in everything she does. She has taken on challenging projects with enthusiasm and consistently delivered high-quality results. Her passion for her work is infectious, and she has been a positive influence on the entire team.  She is a valuable asset to our organization, and I look forward to watching her career prosper.

Career highlights

I never planned on becoming a marketeer, but life had other plans for me. From electrical engineering to fashion styling, I finally stumbled into the digital marketing world & found my true calling. As a social media manager at Blue Barracuda for nearly two years, I have found joy in building brands, creating engaging content, and staying ahead of social media trends. My background and current experience have equipped me with a strong grasp of branding, design, and aesthetics, which has allowed me to craft electrifying social media content that stands out on screens. Engineers can have fun too, right?

Guiding principles

My work is guided by six essential principles: integrity, accountability, quality, growth, courage, and teamwork. To me, a marketeer wears multiple hats – from representing clients and ensuring a top-notch customer experience to upholding the agency’s reputation. By consistently adhering to my principles and balancing these various roles, I work diligently to deliver superior service and foster long-lasting partnerships.

Side hustle

When I’m not creating content, I enjoy fashion styling and volunteering in my spare time. As a stylist, I help people express themselves through clothing, while volunteering allows me to give back to the community. Both passions provide me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment outside of my main job.